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This category includes testamonials from those who have benefited from the support of the PPCLI Foundation.

Youth Education

Youth Education For information about the Route to Victory Battlefield Tour 2018, go to The PPCLI Foundation supports these youth programs Opportunities for youth to tour battlefields where Canadian soldier have fought Scholarships and bursaries for deserving youth Support for cadet corps where youth learn citizenship, discipline, comradery and history.  The PPCLI Association is…
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Supporting the soldier and his family

The PPCLI Foundation, in collaboration with the PPCLI Association and the PPCLI Regimental Executive Committee, facilitates the availability of therapies to combat the crippling effects of mental illness, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which if left untreated can often lead to family violence and suicide. According to the 2013 Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey…
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Understanding the Sacrifice

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