Mount Farquhar

After the success of the Mt Buller climb this year, the Foundation is in the early planning process for a similar climb of Mt Farquhar in 2017.

Mt Farquhar

Mt Farquhar 2,896m, (not to be confused with the mountain of the same name in California, named after a different Francis Farquhar) is located at the head of Cataract Creek on the border of British Columbia and Alberta.  The peak is named after Lieutenant Colonel Francis Douglas Farquhar, DSO the first commanding officer of the Regiment.   The mountain was officially named by the Geographic Board of Canada on November 4th 1919.  Since then it's remote location and challenging scramble have led it to have few ascents.  According to the Alpine Club of Canada Journal Vol 69 1986, the first ascent of the peak was by TS Sorensen and MH Benn in 1973.

For more information on Lt Col Francis Farquhar

For more information on the climb

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